From: "Kristine Schneider" <>

To: < >

Subject: APS Journal Subscriptions

Date: 5 апреля 2003 г. 0:15


Dear V. V. Shidurov, Account # 10045582

We regret to inform your institution that online access to the journals published by the American Physical Society will be shut-off until payment is received for 2003. The journals involved are as follows:

Physical Review A

Physical Review B

Physical Review C

Physical Review D

Physical Review E

Physical Review Letters

Reviews of Modern Physics

Physical Review Online Archive (PROLA)

Your institution has been provided three months of gracing. This is already one additional month beyond the normal gracing timeframe. The process for cutting-off online access is being implemented and will be completed on or before April 15, 2003. As soon as the payment from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research is received, we will re-instate all online access.

We truly regret any inconvenience this may cause you and your patrons.

Best regards,

Barbara Hicks

APS Associate Publisher