From: Alan Harris

Sent: Wednesday, January 29, 2003 5:46 PM



Dear Librarian/RFBR member institution,


As one of our valued subscribers to Kluwer Academic Publishers online journals via the RFBR, we would like to offer you a new opportunity, without any further obligation, to take 30-DAYS TRIAL ACCESS to all 474+ new e-books and 5 major reference works now available on KLUWER ONLINE.

For more information on e-books and e-reference works please refer to our website: Then simply click the separate button's eBooks and eReference Works.

N.B. RFBR member institutions should not fill in the website order form as this will only grant them 30-Day Trial Access to 5 individual e-book titles instead of the whole package of 474 e-books and all 5 e-reference works).


Each RFBR member institution interested in "Trial Access" should simply complete and sign the attached 'Temporary Trial Access Licensing Agreement' and 'Trial Order Form' and return these to me by either post, Fax or e-mail as a PDF.


Each institution should confirm on the Trial Order Form which IP's they would like us to arrange Trial Access for and which date they would like the 30-Day Trial Access to start?

Kluwer Academic Publishers offer attractive discounts on combined subject packages for both e-books and e-reference works and these discounts are also explained in detail on the attached 'E-Books & E-Reference Pricing-Discount Schedule'.

Institutions should feel free to request this 30-DAYS TRIAL ACCESS from Kluwer, or Kluwer's preffered supplier for e-books and e-reference works In Russia and the C.I.S. = HELFERICH L.P.B.


It is very important to note that when purchasing a critical mass the actual unit price of these e-books and e-reference works are a lot lower than the equivalent price for a print copy and the functionality and usability far more extensive than print.

Of course, Kluwer Academic Publishers will be pleased to discuss the possability with the RFBR for central purchase of these products as a consortium, but I think it is best that all the RFBR member institutions Test them first and then Kluwer and Peter Helferich will contact you to discuss how we can best proceed.


We look forward to hearing from you all on this offer.


With kind regards,

Alan Harris


Please note that the price of the "Encyclopedia of Mathematics Online" has been considerably reduced since our initial announcement of the online version. A "Special 'Step-In' Introductory Offer" will be sent to all RFBR member institutions soon.

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