To: "Mrs Helena V Kovyazina"

Subject: New Journal of Physics

Date: 26.01.2003. 17:55

I wanted to take this opportunity to remind you, as Site Contact for the Institute of Physics' Electronic Journals, about New Journal of Physics (NJP).

Co-owned by the Institute of Physics and Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft, NJP ( ) is a free electronic-only journal publishing original research across the whole of physics. The cost of the peer-review and production processes is financed by author article charges.

This year has seen NJP become one o the fastest growing journals in physics. More and more people are both publishing in and reading the journal (over 165,000 articles have been downloaded to date) and it is now established as an invaluable source of outstanding physics research.

Some key points about NJP:

* Free full-text access online at

* Articles from across the whole of physics

* Very high editorial standards - each paper is reviewed by at least 3 referees

* Online functionality and use of multimedia/colour features

* A new model for research publishing

I hope that you find NJP of interest. Please bookmark the journal if you haven't done so already and forward this e-mail on to anyone at your institution who may benefit from reading and/or publishing in NJP.

For further information, please don't hesitate to contact me at

Thank you for your attention.

Kind regards,

Dr Tim Smith

Publisher, New Journal of Physics

Institute of Physics Publishing